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Being Relevant

Epic Medical's corporate vision is driven by trends attributed to the aging population and the rising costs of healthcare delivery.

Our mission, Being Relevant, drives our clinical initiatives and continuous improvement in our products.


Being Relevant is symbiotic with the innovative manufacturing solutions we provide.

Our innovative spirit and global presence provide opportunities to continually enhance product offerings. 


All products are engineered using state-of-the-art technology and in accordance to all relevant standards. Expect nothing less than Epic.

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Manufacturing is undertaken in a world class FDA compliant facility.


Epic Medical automated assembly lines are fully integrated, including injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, laser marking and other proprietary processes.

A compliant Quality Management System supports the manufacture and sale of products globally, satisfying all regulatory requirements.


All products are protected by patents or patent pending assets owned by Epic Medical.

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Epic Medical’s product range is suitable for many of your compounding requirements. Our range includes SMARTeZ™ elastomeric infusion pumps (both rigid shell and soft shell), ProSeal™ Closed System Transfer Devices for hazardous drug compounding, empty IV infusion bags and other assorted consumable items.

With many years' experience in sales and support in compounding facilities, our team can help determine which products are best suited to your needs.

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Epic Medical’s product range can meet the needs for many pharmacy requirements.


Our range includes elastomeric infusion pumps (both hard shell and soft shell), Closed System Transfer Devices for hazardous drug compounding, empty IV infusion bags and other assorted consumable items.

Our CSTD is compliant with USP <797> and USP <800>, helping keep your staff safe whilst preparing, transporting and administering hazardous drugs within your facility.

Epic Medical’s innovative range of elastomeric infusion pumps, with improved accuracy and safety features allows for the safe administration of oncology, antibiotics and analgesic medications to patients.

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At Epic Medical, our products have been designed for the safe delivery of hazardous medications at patient bedside.


Our intuitive, easy to use range of products ensure all clinical staff and the patient are protected.

A complete range of IV giving sets, elastomeric infusion devices and other IV consumables is available, assisting in a seamless transition from pharmacy to the hospital ward.

If you require a particular configuration that can be incorporated with existing IV pump sets, Epic Medical is capable of providing customised sets and solutions.

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(HITH and outreach programs)

With a growing focus and need for treatment of patients outside of hospitals, Epic Medical can provide a range of elastomeric infusion devices for delivery of all therapies.


Our elastomeric devices can have a CSTD incorporated to make the infusion of hazardous drugs safe in the home environment.

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Expect nothing less...

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